Starting February 2022


2 hour party for current members will include:

  •  Up to 12 guests plus 2 adult hosts.
  •  Free time in our Fab-You-Us Indoor Play Park.
  •  Interactive BEAM EYECLICK time.
  •  Arts and Crafts (upon request).
  •  Music and Movement.
  •  Bottled water for guests.
  •  and a small gift for the birthday child from Fab-You-Us.
  •  Car-hop drop-off and pick-up for guests.

$350.00 (2pm - 4pm).

Friday Evenings: $400 (7pm - 9pm).

  •  Up to 12 guests plus 2 adult hosts.
  •  Masks must be worn by all children and adults.
  •  No food served during party but may be distributed as goodies-to-go at the end of the party.
  •  $50.00 non-refundable deposit required to secure date and time. Remaining $350 due date of party.
  •  Socks are required.