What is Fab-YOU-Us?


A fun, positive, engaging facility where families can find something for everyone — adults and children (ages 3 – 12) alike. We plan to incorporate arts and crafts, drama, story time, birthday parties, free play, much more.

Fab-You-Us is a 4,500 sq ft multi-room facility with an indoor play park with a structure to climb and explore, a large area to move and play, and plenty of space to fill with imagination and laughter. There are spaces for quiet, for being loud, to try new things, and seasonal performances to show what makes you Fab-You-Us!

 Fab-YOU-Us! Good Nights

Tuck in your children and tune in every Tuesday evening for a story read by "Krazie" Tracie. Each week she reads a different story or two with messages for your child.

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Tracie Amaral

Director and Founder

Ewa Bogusz

Assistant to the Director